…what it is, however, has yet to be determined

Students, assuming that history teachers must find all things history-related appealing, often ask whether when I am at home, and not fastidiously grading their work, I eagerly absorb the goings-on from the History Channel. As perhaps you’ve guessed given the title of the blog, (which will most likely change given my fickle tastes and perpetual dissatisfaction with the Sisyphean task of defining oneself both in the real and virtual worlds) I in fact have a deep disdain for the tripe that parades on the History Channel, primarily in the form of WWII programs.

(In case anyone is interested in another parenthetical aside, the alternative title under consideration was “I’m not a scientist, I’m a historian,” which is apparently something I uttered in the 2005-2006 school year. I suppose the phrase, while unintentional, somehow marks me as the anti-Indiana Jones, given his famous assertion, “I’m a scientist, nothing shocks me.” Perhaps by implication, therefore, historians are scared by virtually anything, though I don’t in fact believe that to be true.)

Nevertheless, I’ve been inspired in the last few months to embark on my own internet foray by the likes of many other outstanding historians and teachers whose ideas, propagated via this medium, have been extremely influential and energizing for me in the classroom. While I’m not precisely sure what direction this blog will take I anticipate it addressing my major interests and commitments of time, namely teaching history, using digital resources in the classroom, and engaging in historical research and writing–primarily about U.S. cultural history.

Most immediately, however, I’ll be using this forum as a means to communicate for my summer gig, which involves working as a mentor teacher at the Breakthrough Fort Worth program, overseeing the 9th grade English and Social Studies programs. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you find a number of posts about online resources–both pedagogically-oriented and topic-driven. However, I invite all readers (assuming some show up) to offer comments, ideas, suggestions, and feedback about any and all of the ideas that I post (or find the time, motivation, and energy to post.)

Signing off on post #1,



4 thoughts on “…what it is, however, has yet to be determined

    • nkogan says:

      I have not read Tim Burke’s blog, but thanks for the suggestion. As I learn how to actually operate all this super-high-tech internet/html stuff I’ll see if I can incorporate an RSS feed or list of the history related blogs that I read with frequency. I’ll certainly add that one to my Google Reader, however. Congrats (albeit belatedly) on passing your comps, by the way!


  1. Josh Scoville says:

    I thoroughly enjoy listening and reading everything that you have to say Mr. Kogan. I hope to one day venture through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman and emerge on the other side able to command the English language as well as you do…Until then, I’ll just have to maintain my audacity of huge and keep it salty, while pursuing my college education in the 512.

    -the student who never got the chance to be in your class

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