A banner day!

So, it turns out that I’m not entirely solid when it comes to understanding the distinction between a.m. and p.m. Since the creation of this blog I had accidentally set the time-zone to UTC +7 hrs., which as I now consider it, likely represents the time in some place like Siberia or Australia. Now that I’ve regained my time-telling bearings I’ve gone back and changed the settings on the blog to UTC -5 hrs., which turns out to be CST (or are we in CDT…I can never remember.) As a result, WordPress recalculated the number of visitors to my page per day and yielded the exciting result that June 16, 2009 marked the largest readership for this blog of all time  —  a whopping 12 visitors!

I must be off now to go to the trophy store and commission a plaque to commemorate this very special accomplishment.


Until the next substantive post,



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