Discussion from Today’s Meet – 06/19

Although the standard moderator, @TeachPaperless, was AWOL during his weekly Today’s Meet Friday discussion group, a few brave souls soldiered on nevertheless and talked about ideas for using Twitter and other social media sites and tools in various forms of assessments.

I discussed with one of the participants how I used Twitter for the sophomore’s final exam review by having them critique one another’s potential essay questions and then work to refine those questions into a form that would be strong enough to be on the final exam.

Said participant asked if I’d be willing to share the questions, but the 140 character limit of the Today’s Meet webpage seemed like a less than ideal venue, so I’m posting the questions my students came up with, and then refined, here on the blog.

All in all, it was a successful and productively collaborative venture.

Here are the questions:
1) How did the European attitude toward colonialism change over time and what factors caused these changes?
2) How has the interaction between Europe and Africa changed from the era of the triangular trade into the 20th century? Please consider the role and influence of industrialization.
3) Why was industrialization in Asia not as successful as it was in Europe and North America?
4) How does the presence of European nations in Africa and Asia from the 17th century onwards lead to those regions’ slow industrialization and what long term effects did it have on those regions?
5) How did religious reform movements in Europe and Muslim Empires (~16th c.-17th c.) affect the politics and societal dynamics in the following centuries?
6) In what ways did Medieval Asia and Renaissance Italy experience similar political, social, and economic transformations?
7) Why did revolutions that derived from political and cultural tensions prove to be more effective than those based on economy and social classes?


2 thoughts on “Discussion from Today’s Meet – 06/19

  1. These are excellent questions, Nate. Thanks for sharing them here and for your helpful insights during the TP chat. I’m impressed you were able to type this up and post it so quickly and while the chat was going on! Looking forward to learning with you.

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