And now for a post totally unrelated to teaching…

Yesterday the All Songs Considered folks at NPR wrote a post asking readers to share, off the tops of their heads, fifty bands that they’d seen play live. It seemed like an enjoyable (and sufficiently small-scale form of procrastination), so I went ahead an compiled a list. Below is what I posted in response.

In no order other than stream of consciousness:

1. Deerhoof
2. Deerhunter
3. Times New Viking
4. John Vanderslice
5. TV on the Radio
6. Sonic Youth
7. Amazing Color
8. Dismemberment Plan
9. Beastie Boys
10. A Tribe Called Quest
11. Phish
12. Other Lives
13. Grizzly Bear
14. Jenny Lewis
15. Bat for Lashes
16. The Hold Steady
17. Morrissey
18. My Bloody Valentine
19. Lift to Experience
20. Hot Chip
21. Green Day
22. NOFX
23. Jurassic 5
24. Girl Talk
25. Grand Buffet
26. Robert Cray Band
27. B.O.B.
28. Q-Tip
29. Drums of Death (pass on that one, if possible)
30. Spoon
31. New Pornographers
32. Clientele
33. Bob Dylan
34. Paul Simon
35. Rolling Stones
36. Weezer
37. Franz Ferdinand
38. Of Montreal
39. Passion Pit
40. Harlem Shakes
41. Animal Collective
42. Cut Copy
43. Radiohead
44. Sean Na Na
45. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
46. Andrew Bird
47. Dan Deacon
48. The Tallest Man on Earth
49. David Byrne
50. Heartless Bastards

Here’s a few I forgot to add (I’m sure more will come to mind):

51. The Killers
52. M83
53. Enon
54. Burning Airlines
55. Frank Black
56. Medeski, Martin, and Wood
57. House of Large Sizes

Writing this comment in response to the ASC post got me thinking that I should really start up a separate page along the lines of what Lisa Grimm has done with her spreadsheet of all concerts and comedians she has ever seen live. If I find the time to set that up, I’ll add a date column, but I think it’s a really good idea (and an interesting historical document! I guess I really can’t escape some form of history or teaching related commentary). Right now I’m just reduced to browsing through my Google Calendar of “potential concerts” and reminding myself of the various shows I’ve seen.

Thanks for bearing through the impertinence of this post and I’m sure I’ll return to more pressing, pedagogical matters soon enough.


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