Busy, Busy, Busy…

…so much so that I’m using the “Quickpress” feature of the Dashboard for the first time. Unfortunately for my pedagogical musings here on this blog, my grad school writing and reading obligations have been eating up my time. Moreover, my basketball coaching duties are now starting up (time to re-break in that second “hat”!), which will leave even less time for writing. Nevertheless, I thought I’d just post a quick follow-up on my last post about Google Earth.

In a word: Outstanding!

There is so much untapped potential that I haven’t even delved into yet, but the work that many of my students have done with it thus far is excellent. I had students present to one another on early empires (Roman, Han, Mauryan, Persian, Hellenistic) and make Google Earth tours to accompany and I found myself really impressed by the output. Many students harnessed the ability to overlay map image layers and created really nice change-over-time maps tracing the rise, peak, and decline of these empires.

Moreover, the 3D buildings feature proves to be an outstanding resource for talking about architecture and learning to read buildings as primary sources — both the Pantheon and Parthenon models are really nicely done and give a sense not only of the building, but also the surrounding city-scape.

Hopefully I’ll find some time soon to post a more in-depth follow-up. In the meantime its back to reading John Lynch’s Simón Bolívar and thinking about how to define “Intercultural Transfer.” Ah, grad school!


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