It’s Arrived!

I guess the title is a terrible pun on some Frankensteinian exclamation, but I am excited to note that my publishing debut arrived in my mailbox today (roughly a week and a half after in arrived in the mailbox of Journal of Mormon History subscribers in Salt Lake City. Thanks, USPS!)

In any event, here are a few pictures to prove that all this discussion hasn’t been me deluding myself into a sense of false accomplishment:

After my brief post last week about the Journal’s existence, I received a very gracious invitation from Jared, a blogger at the Mormon history blog, Juvenile Instructor, to write a guest post about the process of writing this article and ultimately seeing it through the process of final publication. I’m still planning on doing that, but not before wrapping up my final hurrah of the semester. So, with that said, it’s back to the Age of Atlantic Revolutions!


4 thoughts on “It’s Arrived!

  1. Brad Borougerdi says:

    Hey Nate, came across your blog on the group homepage. Nice work with the article; keep it up! I just started re-writing Adam notes and plan to start looking over next semester’s material early January, so get with me if you want to study.


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