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Calling all Social Studies teachers!

Perhaps this title (in its deliberate provocativeness) will persuade people to click the link to this post when clicked in their Twitter feeds. Or perhaps it will be off-putting. I guess I’ll check the stats tomorrow and find out. Nevertheless, I’ll get to the reason that I am in fact calling all Social Studies teachers (or other interested educators who read this blog and would be willing to offer feedback).

MixedInk, the excellent collaborative writing website about which I’ve written previously*, is in the midst of conducting surveys amongst English and Social Studies teachers to figure out ways that they would use MixedInk’s capabilities within their own classrooms and for what types of assignments. To help figure out this out, they’ve put together a survey on Survey Monkey, which can be accessed –> here <–.

So here’s my plug: If you have a few minutes to spare and would be willing to offer some ideas about how you’ve used MixedInk, or even might use a tool like MixedInk, it’d be immensely helpful as they figure out how to refine their website and target it to teachers and improve its pedagogical features.

*For those interested in my previous musings about MixedInk, you can read my initial review and thoughts on classroom implementation, my thoughts on using MixedInk in my classroom for the first time, my and Vanessa Scanfeld’s accepted proposal for our “BYOLaptop” Session at this Summer’s ISTE Conference in Denver, my more refined thoughts on best practices for using MixedInk in the classroom, and my thoughts on what criteria students use in evaluating one another’s writing via tools like MixedInk.


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