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New Word: “Detwritus”

YES!!! I’ve done it. I’ve successfully coined a new word/concept (as validated by Google).

As I’m in the midst of working on my seminar paper in these last few weeks of the spring semester, I’ve finding myself running into sentences, phrases, ideas, and other pieces of writing that I want to hold onto, but don’t think I’ll ultimately use in my paper. Tough dilemma, right?

Well, rather than let them go to waste (this is about conservation; remember, we just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day earlier this week), I thought I’d preserve them on the Zotero cloud, so I created a standalone note as the repository for all these things.

There it is down at the bottom — my “Detwritus” note where I’ll put all those extraneous ideas and brilliant linguistic formulations that I’d hate to let slip into the ether. At least my packrat tendencies are being confined to 1s and 0s on someone else’s server space.

So, rather than writing what I really should be (e.g. my seminar paper), I thought I’d capture this tiny slice of serendipitous language creation. Feel free to add it to your lexicon as I’m imagining that it will soon go viral, and then be part of the OED by the 2011 edition.


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