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ISTE Arrival and Acronym Overload

Finally the day is nearly upon me. Months after having submitted a “Bring Your Own Laptop” proposal and learning of our acceptance, I’ve finally arrived at the Denver Convention Center and will be presenting on MixedInk in the classroom with MixedInk co-founder David Stern on Wednesday afternoon. I’m excited about the presentation (and the fact that we’ve got 125 people registered to attend!), and also having the chance to get a sense for the conference and its rhythm by attending a variety of sessions tomorrow.

Because I arrived relatively late after an extended odyssey on Denver’s public transit from the airport to the convention center, the activities for the day seem to be winding down, so I don’t think I’m getting a great sense of the level of activity and intensity that’s likely to prevail during the big sessions and keynotes. I’m a bit daunted by having to work my way through the astoundingly thick program guide and having to make decisions about what to attend, which is one of my tasks for the evening.

However, I’m also excited about having some networking opportunities and getting the chance to meet and hear from people who’ve I’ve followed on Twitter and on blogs during the past eighteen months or so. Already I got the chance to make a face-to-face contact with Russ Goerend, a teacher from Iowa who I’ve followed and corresponded with online during this past year. In fact, Russ even wrote a blog post on my behalf during this past year. Tomorrow will hopefully continue to be productive both in terms of attending sessions and in terms of meeting people who I’ve only known through their writings — both the extended and the 140 character varieties.

So, now I’ve got to head off and hunt down food, my far-flung hotel room, and work on putting the finishing touches on our presentation by refining my thoughts and experiences on MixedInk. David, my co-presenter and I, decided to put the topic for the hands-on portion of our presentation to a vote (via Google Forms), and it looks like we’ll be writing on something about the value of technology in the classroom — surprising, right?

Here are the results for the statistically-inclined:

Oh, and one final note on the other part of this blog’s title: Acronyms…they’re everywhere here. I’ll try to create some type of photo essay illustrating their prevalence, but in the meantime you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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