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“Our Students Won’t Research the Way We Did”: Reform Symposium Presentation TONIGHT

At 7:30 p.m. CDT (or this time, if you happen to live somewhere other than the Central Time Zone), I’ll be co-presenting with Russ Goerend at the Reform Symposium about the transition from analog to digital research in our classrooms. The Reform Symposium is a really cool (and free!) online conference aimed at “educators, administrators, parents and students. This year the conference is focused on innovative practices in education and what role these practices can play in educational reform.” I was excited and honored when Russ asked me to co-present with him a few weeks back — I think we’re covering some important and really useful material (especially for middle and upper school teachers); moreover, Russ has put together a nice visual accompaniment for the presentation. I’m really looking forward to the helping lead the session, getting the chance to present again after my positive ISTE experience, and learning from the participants. A major side-benefit of my participation is the fact that I got a bio on their website! Snazzy, no?

Our presentation is titled, “Our Students Won’t Research the Way We Did,” and will focus on the integration of Diigo and RSS feeds (managed with Google Reader) into students’ research. The goal of incorporating these digital tools is to help students better manage and synthesize their research materials and also to help teachers gain insight into the students’ research process. Time permitting we’ll also hopefully get to talk about Zotero and how it can be used with secondary and university students. Once we’re done with the presentation I’ll post the PPT we’ve used (on which Russ has demonstrated some serious Presentation Zen) and a link to the recording of the session, which is archived for posterity’s sake (or blackmail purposes…but let’s hope it’s the former).

Click here for the link to our session. Hope to see you (err, hear and read your potentially snarky comments) there!


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