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Got nothing to write? Might as well re-blog yourself.

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In perusing through my RSS feed today, I noticed that ProfHacker posted their most recent installment of the Teaching Carnival, which always proves to be an interest overview of the most recent pedagogical blogging.

I was delightfully surprised to discover that my recent post on Crap Detection made the cut and was featured in the section called “The Carnival Midway: Assignments, Teaching Strategies, and Pedagogical Queries.”

Unsurprisingly, the reality of the real world (e.g. not summertime indolence) has caught up with me, so I’ve been relatively quiet on this front with essays, tests, and my own graduate work, but I’ve got some ideas brewing that will hopefully see the light of day soon enough.

In fact, at this point I’ve completed the first official installment of the Crap Detection assignment and have some thoughts on what worked, what needs tweaked, and what other areas I need to emphasize to really drive home my point. In spite of the few shortcomings I experience, I nevertheless think it’s a valuable exercise that pushed my students to consider sources in ways they hadn’t before.

So, thanks again to the ProfHacker folks for featuring my work, and I’ll look forward to perusing the other offerings in the Carnival (with preference given to those that are deep fried…hey, it is Texas State Fair season after all) soon enough.


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