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The feedback loop resumes

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The all-time worst band encore I ever saw was from Yo La Tengo‘s show at Dallas’ Granada Theater in 2010. While the main set was pretty good, when they got out to play the encore, Ira Kaplan, lead singer and guitarist, detuned his acoustic guitar, put it down on the stage, kicked it a few times to get the strings vibrating, and then turned all the knobs up to 11. The audience was subsequently subjected to 15 minutes of atonal noodling and knob-twiddling. In essence, it seemed like they’d run out of ideas, and instead just made random noise and subjected their audience to this because they could. And the greatest indignity of the whole thing was that they didn’t even play “Autumn Sweater” in their set!

The outrage and indignity! I know!

So, how does this relate at all to anything I ordinarily write about? Well, I thought I’d pull a page from Yo La Tengo’s playbook here and put the pickups of this blog real close to the its stat collection amplifier (I think that metaphor got away from me. I’ll work harder to keep my figurative language under better control next time. Mea Culpa.) Without further ado, here’s the most recent press I discovered via the “how do people find this drivel” section of WordPress’ dashboard. This particular excerpt comes from the Guide to Online School‘s “100 Best Blogs for Teachers by Teachers”:

Upper level history teacher Nate Kogan uses this blog space to talk about teaching, history, and other interesting topics. His “interests presently center on how to integrate technology into the classroom to encourage greater student accountability, self-directedness, and improved critical thinking and research skills.” If you share these interests too, read on!

I appreciate their willingness to overlook my sporadic postings and occasionally extraneous commentary on my beloved Utah Jazz. Hopefully they won’t rescind the honor. Thanks for the good press! And I hope the earplugs did the trick…alright, I’ll turn off the amps now.


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