Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! and getting back on the posting wagon

I’ll let the above video stand in for a whole host of different developments that have happened between January and now that has been at the crux on my internet silence for the bulk of this year. In short: a constantly growing/changing/keeping-one-on-one’s-toes baby, a new job, passing comprehensive exams, selling old house, buying new house, packing, moving, visiting family and friends.

So, yeah, that’s the short version. I don’t get much more pithy than that, though I’m sure that greater depth will emerge regarding those topics pertinent to this blog in the next weeks and months.

In fact, I think resuscitating this as a forum for my thinking and sharing of work will be a huge help in getting myself organized and productively working the new courses I’ll be teaching, the interdisciplinary collaboration I’ll be doing, and the dissertation research and writing that I’ll also be chipping away at in the next few years. As a result, I’ll leave this post short and relatively substance-free (you’re welcome!) as I hope the make the next few not only more frequent, but also more focused on particular topics related to planning, organizing, and pacing courses, writing recommendation letters, and the like.

Here’s to a shorter hiatus between posts!



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