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Facebook: Committee of Public Safety, Class of Sept. 1793–March 1794

Tomorrow my Western Civilization classes are watching and taking notes on the BBC documentary Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution. The documentary does a great job of detailing the inner workings of the Committee of Public Safety and the major developments and transformations during this most radical phase of the French Revolution.

If you’re eager, you can spend the next hour and half hanging out right here and screening the whole documentary courtesy of YouTube:

However, in preparing for my students to watch this documentary, I realized that keeping track of everyone beyond Robespierre could be a bit of a challenge without a handy-dandy guide to each of their names. I started scouring around the Internet to find a quick guide to each of the members with their image attached. While the Wikipedia page on the Committee of Public Safety had all their names listed, it did not have their pictures attached and, of course, the page included all the other material connecting with this entry.

So, in my infinite free-time, I decided to make the “Twelve Who Ruled” their own miniature Facebook, which you can see below.

And now, I’ve filled a major void in the Internet. You’re welcome!


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