Final Exam Haikus – March 2013 Edition

If you’re noticing that I only seem to post when other people do the writing for me, then you might just be onto something. This momentous occasion, much like the previous one, I think, involves amusing haikus that my AP European History students wrote on their final exams for extra credit.

There are some real gems in here. Enjoy!

Italy was sad
Divided not unified
Cavour changed that all

Franco-Prussian War
Alsace Lorraine caused trouble
More wars to come soon

Dual Monarchy
Some Austrians in Hungary
and the other way

was about decorum, Thanks
Alexander Pope

Otto von Bismarck
you are so good … Too bad you’re
an anti-semite

(and for a more wholly optimistic take on Bismarck):

What an awesome guy,
He unified Germany,
with clever tactics.

Our unconscious drive
Freud, he was a messed up man
but famous for many.

The serfs of Russia
are now free, but still grovel
in the mud and filth

Socialism is
the sauce that makes ham rot
and breadlines lengthy.

French Revolution
a very happy time. People’s
heads got Guillotined!!!

Dreyfus was a Jew
He did not lead the info
Still got sent away.

The King Leopold
controlled the Congo Free State
They weren’t free at all.

Robespierre was mean
he chopped off some heads
then he died the same.

Leopold was bad
He cut hands and killed many
His actions weren’t stopped.

Out of potatoes.
We all are very hungry.
Death death death death death.

Marie Antoinette
Did not say “Let them eat cake.”
Got her head chopped off.

Scientist Brahe –
He needed to pee quite bad.
Died during dinner.

King Leo’s a jerk.
Kills people in the Congo.
Oh what do we do?

Oh, Peter the Great
was in fact not super great.
He killed his people.

Everyone at the
Berlin Conference wanted
some African cake.


(and one of dubious historical reliability):

The Napoleon
Bonaparte was exiled because
of a stinky fart.


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