Summertime Writing Renaissance (we hope!)

Well, the school year has officially come to a close and I’ve no longer got any excuses about lesson planning or grading to keep me away from reflecting on and sharing many of the new things I’ve experimented with during this past school year. Hopefully, I’ll get my writing mojo together and be able to share a lot of that over the next few months before I’m drawn back into the vortex of the 2013-2014 school year.

However, this summer I’m also up to some exciting research of my own in Philadelphia and I’ll be presenting a conference paper in St. Louis. Perhaps this space will also occasionally get hijacked for writing about dissertation-related developments as I work to sort out and process how much of the primary source material I dig up at Haverford, Swarthmore, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Finally, I’m also playing around right now with a new online, collaborative writing tool called “Draft.” I read about it here at ProfHacker and am enjoying working with it thus far. In fact, I’m publishing this post from Draft and find its clutter-free writing environment to be really nice and straightforward. Perhaps this new Zen Garden of composition will help me fulfill the aspirations I set out at the top of this post…time will tell!


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