My Quirky Workflow

Zach Schrag wrote great and very clearly detailed post about his digital workflow and particularly how he approaches archival research processing that material. Since my previous post about digital workflow, I’ve spent a number of weeks doing archival research around Philadelphia and using my digital camera to capture and then collect primary source documents. While I’ve been shooting these pictures without a tripod and then importing them into DevonThink Pro Office and labeling from there, Schrag has some great suggestions in the this post about how to shoot, organize, and then access these images while cutting out the middle-man of the camera’s memory card. Check out the full post, as I think it’s really helpful, clear, and interesting.

Zachary M. Schrag

Maybe it’s that time of summer, but historians seem to be thinking about the tools they use to conduct research. The AHA has set up a Pinterest board called A Digital Tool Box for Historians, my new colleague Stephen Robertson has posted an essay about moving to digital sources, and Nate Kogan has written about his use of Zotero, Word, Scrivener, and Papers 2, though he tweets that I showed him something of Filemaker Pro back in the day.

I figure I’ll throw my hat in with a description of my current process, ugly as it is. I offer this information both to offer and seek help, since I think I am doing some things right but could be doing other things more efficiently.

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