Navel-Gazing Quantitative Analysis

In prepping to put together my final exam I was browsing Rob MacDougall’s website for ideas about “playful” historical thinking and came across a pingback to one of my own posts. So, for the first time in many weeks, I logged into WordPress to check my stats and found a surprising aberration:

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.28.43

What is this! Why did I experience a surge in popularity two weeks ago and then went back to my middling day-to-day results? Now, let’s take a closer look to see what drove this unexpected spike in site traffic:

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.28.59

Hmmmm…it seems that almost 85% of that day’s traffic came from a post on one of my oft-discussed topics – reorganizing information in meaningful ways. But this wasn’t just a garden variety version of an info-reorganization post, it was one about political party timelines. And what might account for this unexpected (and then quickly vanished) interest on May 13 in particular?

And I think we have an answer:

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.41.19

Of course, the AP US History test. Thanks, College Board, for the unexpected traffic boost!


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