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A Foray into “Flipped” Tutorials: Writing an AP European History FRQ

This week is a busy one for a variety of reasons, but part of that busy-ness involves missing school on a day before the first test I’m giving in my AP European History classes. While much of the review activity is material my substitute can help cover, I have planned a discussion about how to approach and pre-write Free Response Questions that will be hard to do in my absence.

Given these circumstances, I thought I’d revive a tactic I’d used previously in case of absence: making a tutorial video!

I find these types of videos, where I’m focused on explaining a skill or intellectual strategy, to be more compelling to make (though perhaps not to view…you’ll all have to be the judges of that) than ones that focus on conveying content. I make that assertion largely based on the fact that I’ve only ever been compelled to make “flipped”-style tutorial videos for skills like these and not for content-heavy lectures.

Given that AP European History has a variety of skill sets, writing strategies, and essay approaches that are unique to the exam, I think this genre of video might be one that I’ll continue working on (though given the changes coming to the exam next year, that effort might be in vain).

I’ve posted my video below and would welcome any feedback! If I find more energy and time to continue adding to this series, I’ll pass them along here (and thereby avoid having this blog turn into a 1990s-Angelfire-esque wasteland of disused internet).


2 thoughts on “A Foray into “Flipped” Tutorials: Writing an AP European History FRQ

  1. Hi Nate, I’m a big believer in flipping content transferal to free up class time for interaction. So I think you are on the right track.

    My only suggestion would be to split this up into a few shorter videos. Each devoted to one idea. You can then collect them in a YouTube playlist. Here’s a group I did for my @EdMethods students. Total of 11 minutes split into 9 separate videos

    This is very different content from what your video addresses. But you’ll get the idea. Students tell me they prefer to zero in on exactly what they want to know.

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