Documenting Nice Things

This past February I defended my dissertation at the University of Texas at Arlington. My defense took place on a Monday, which is when my school has one of its weekly Morning Meetings.

On the day I was in Texas for my defense, my friend and colleague, Kate, made an announcement/call for participation in a Congratulatory Mind-Map to celebrate my successful defense. It was a super-sweet and kind gesture — especially given my love of all things “Mind-Map.” (Further evidence of that interest is also here, and here, and here).

Lots of students (both current and former) came by my room and signed or added interconnected thought bubbles to my Mind-Map, so that when I returned on Tuesday, I was greeted by this:

PhD MindMap

As I tidied my classroom today in preparation for the first day of classes tomorrow, I thought I’d document and work to preserve this wonderful gift from my school community by posting it here. Thanks again friends, and here’s to another wonderful school year!


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