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Poster Presentation: Now with Minor Revisions!

I had some good feedback yesterday regarding the design of my poster for the conference I’m presenting at this Friday. Rachel Donahue (hopefully I’ve got the URL fixed now, Rachel!) had a number of good, detailed suggestions both about visual organization and how to rein in my verbosity.

The other major change I made since the last draft involves the diagrams. Looking at the previous image in Scribd it appeared that the created diagrams were way too hazy and would likely not come out well when printed at 48″ x 36″. So, I shifted my diagram making operations over to Gliffy. Not only were the Gliffy-designed images larger files (and presumably higher resolution), but the website also enabled me more flexibility in terms of designing lines, making them different weights and colors, and labeling them more precisely.

The only downside of Gliffy involved the fact that the site exports its images in JPEG (or PNG) format, and when these were blown up on the PPT, they became similarly fuzzy to the images. To solve the problem (hopefully!), I did a screen capture with the Dashboard widget and grabbed the diagrams in TIFF format, which captured them in higher resolution and will allow them to be more legible — at the very least the file sizes were 10x bigger. I’ll guess I’ll find out whether this trick solved my problem once I print the poster!